Your Fairtrade questions answered


QUESTION: What exactly is Fairtrade?

ANSWER: It’s a global movement that’s all about ensuring producers in developing countries get fair treatment. That means adequate pay for the hard work they do and better working conditions. It also aims to promote sustainable farming.


QUESTION: Who does it help?

ANSWER: Fairtrade helps more than 1.65 million farmers and workers in 74 countries, according to statistics. It gives them better value for their product, better working conditions and, in turn, a better life. There are Fairtrade certified organisations across Africa, Asia, Oceania, South America and Central America.


QUESTION: How does it work?

ANSWER: Products that are Fairtrade certified come with the blue, yellow and black International Fairtrade Certification Mark. This shows that the product you’re about to buy has met the agreed standards of production. That part is taken care of by FLO International, which sets the standards, and FLO-CERT, which formalises the certification. The process involves independent auditing of producers and traders, ensuring each product that receives the Fairtrade mark meets the standards we all expect of Fairtrade products.

QUESTION: What products can be bought that have Fairtrade certification?

ANSWER: Several different products come with Fairtrade certification. Some of the most well known include tea, coffee, chocolate and gold, but other products include cotton, vanilla, cosmetics, ice cream, flowers and sports balls, to name a few.


QUESTION: Does my choice to buy Fairtrade make a difference?

ANSWER: Of course it does! Each purchase you make helps farmers and workers in developing countries. The more people demand Fairtrade products, the more this movement will grow. And, as the demand shifts away from producers who don’t guarantee fair working conditions and pay for their workers, the greater the pressure will be on those producers to strive to meet Fairtrade standards and receive their own certification, meaning better working conditions and pay for even more farmers and workers.


QUESTION: Where can I find out more information?

ANSWER: Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand has a wonderful website full of news, statistics, stories and more answer to commonly asked Fairtrade questions. You can visit it at:



DISCLAIMER: This post was created for an Open Colleges diploma of social media marketing assignment and is not intended to be used as an actual reference article on Fairtrade. For more information, visit the sites listed below.



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